About the Somewhere in Japan Shop

Hi there. I’m David R Munson, an American photographer, writer, and educator based in the Tokyo area. For a long time, I’ve been working as an English teacher, but my passion is in creating, exploring, and sharing. 

My site Somewhere in Japan launched in January 2021, and while nothing much happened with it in 2022 (as life was keeping me busy in other ways), it remains an ongoing, long-term project. The Somewhere in Japan Shop is a place to buy original artwork,  publications, and (coming soon) physical goods and from Japan.

Your purchase means a great deal to me. Every yen counts, and every time I make a sale, it gets me that much closer to being in a position to leave English-school life behind to do creative work full time.

The artwork featured in the shop is drawn from more than two decades of my photographic work, so it also includes far more than just images from Japan. You’ll find photographs from the USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Mongolia, and elsewhere. 

If there are things you would like to see on the site or have something in mind that you’d like to commission, I’m all ears. Please get in touch via the contact page, or just email me directly at david@somewherein.jp

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.


A photograph of David R Munson and his cat, Tora